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Low Voltage Switchgear

Mitsubishi Low Voltage Air Circuit Breaker (ACB), AE-SW series:

AE-SW lineup ranges from 630A to 6300A frame and features with excellent protection from the damage of overload current, short-circuit under-voltage and earth-fault. AE-SW series is compatible with Mitsubishi communication modules and protection modules to realize high-level circuit monitoring and friendly networking.

Moulded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB), NF series:

Mitsubishi NF series MCCB are utlized to open/close low vlotage circuits and to protect power system from the damage of overloading, short-circuit, and under-voltage. Mitsubishi NF series MCCB ranges from 32A to 1600A frames. We offers NF-C (Economy Type), NF-S (Standard Type), and NF-H (High-performance Type) for your selection

Motor Starter, MS-N series:

MS-N series features with compact size, modular expansion options and a power-saving design. MS-N series includes magnetic contactors, thermal overload relays and contactor relays. DIN instllation is also supported.

Miniatue Circuit Breaker (MCB), BH series:

Mitsubishi Circuit Breaker1has maximum capacity for10KA. Product design compaly with IEC?GB and compatible for IEC35mm din-rail. We offer BH, BH-P, BH-S, BH-PS, BH-D6, BH-DN, BV-D, BV-DN, and KB-D.

Magnetic Contactor:

Mitsubishi magnetic contactor can be used in 50Hz and 60Hz power system. The rated voltage is up to 1000V and the rated current up to 800A. Mitsubishi contactor can be assembled with thermal overload rely and electronic protection relay and become a motor starter to protect motor from overload protection.

Thermal Overload Relay- Mitsubishi TH-N series:

TH-N series provides protection to motor from burnout caused by overload, lock-rotor and phase-lose. TH-N series is worked under 50 and 60Hz,rated voltage, 690V and rated current up to 800A system.

Residual Current Circuit Breaker (RCCB)-BV-D; BV-DN series:

BV-D (Residual Current Circuit Breaker) series apply to rated current (A) 25, 40, 63A. Rated volt. 230 and 230/400V. The rated current sensitivity is 30, 300mA.

BV-DN (Residual Circuit Breaker built in Overload Protection) series apply to rated current (A) 6, 10, 16, 20, 25, 32A. Rated volt. 230V. The rated current sensitivity is 30, 100, 300mA.


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